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Everytime I try to erase the scribbles of memories, I just get scars.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011 ☆ 7:08:00 pm
20 Days MBLAQ Challenges : #Day 1

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah I'm doing the MBLAQ challenges so what? :P
Let's see what is our first challenge :))

#Favourite member and why.

This is easy man. You already know who is my hubby in MBLAQ :)
It's LEE CHANGSUN x) Ahah, you don't know? Pabo you! It's LEE JOON.
Never heard his real name? Gosh you are not a true A+ get to know them better dudes!
The next question is why I like him. Why? Tell me why why why xP #sings
I like him becaaaaaaaaaaauseeee he is cute, adorable, handsome, hot and so on xD
He got a nice vocal too :) Well, I know G.O has the best vocal. To me, he is still good x)
And he has the same attitude as me. We are both PABO x)) Ikr?
And we both always get bullied ._____. WE ARE ALSO ANTI DDAKBAM.
Gosh ddakbam really makes me forehead hurts :(( Pity my forehead aww.
I really hoooooooopeeeee we are couple bwahahaha.  Stop hoping pweash Myra x)