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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 ☆ 9:18:00 pm
PhotoFiltre Tutorials.

Imma here because my Bunny requested how to do beams in PhotoFiltre.

So the very first step. Open up this picture of the beam and save it.
And open up the picture you want to use. Get mine here.

Now open the picture of Selena in PhotoFiltre. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.

Using the dropper tool select a colour from the picture of Selena or pick a colour from the colour palette.

Now open the picture of the beam and copy it. Select Selena picture and go Edit > Paste Special > Mask.
Your beam should have turn from black to whatever colour you picked. Resize the selection and make it smaller so that it fits with your picture and looks right.

Hit Ctrl-D to make the selection go away. Now using the stamp tool erase the alternating parts of the beam on top of Selena's body. Set the stamp tool like this :

This is your picture with beams :'>

I really hope you can understand my tutorials :)) If not, Imma sorry.