Scribble. ☆
No matter how hard I try, I can't erase those scribbles;
Everytime I try to erase the scribbles of memories, I just get scars.

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Thursday, 24 November 2011 ☆ 12:44:00 pm

Aww aww. I've been tagged :'> Well, it's the first time kaaaay.
The precious one who tagged me is my twinnie Bunny 8D Thankieeees!
So here's the questioooons :))

What is one of your awesome memories this year?
I can go crazeeeh all day long with my awesome cousins, Jess and Krys :'>

 Three songs that you are addicted nowadays?
Imma so addicted of T-ARA's Cry Cry, Kan Mi Youn's Going Crazy and KARA's Step :'>

 Any homework given by your teachers to be finished during this holiday?
Ofc! I got BM and English but I just do the English one and ignore BM :'>

 Your favourite cartoon and whyyyy?
OMGOMGOMG I loooooveeee Smurfs and Spongebob! Ofc they are adorable :'>

 Rilakkuma or Domo-kun?
DOMO-KUN for sure! Wait. What is Rilakkuma? xD

 Do you have any phobia towards anything?
Yeeeeesssssh! I got phobia of snake :/ Eww eww.

 What is your ambition?
I want to be a master chef and I want to cook all types of food from all over the world :'>

 What you want to achieve next year?
I want to get straight A's for my PMR and I hope to be a better person :'>

 Where are you going for holiday during the school break?
My family plans to go to Penaaaaaang on December :'>

 Any comments or message for me?
Bunny  x) I hope you'll get straight A's for your PMR and I looveeeeee you so much :*